Morocco 5 best cities,  Top destinations

Morocco is the land of the dizzying diversity. The country of epic sweeping deserts, mountain ranges, ancient cities and warm hospitality. Here are the top Morocco 5 best cities,  to start your Moroccan exploration. Fes, Meknes and Marrakech are the Moroccan imperial cities, Merzouga Sahara desert is the region of the majestic desert, valleys, kasbahs, gorges and oases. Finally, The Middle Atlas Mountains, the area of Barbary villages.

1- Fes City 

Regarded as the spiritual city in Morocco, Fes is the town of manners and hospitality. The ancient city of Fes has an  awe-inspiring and overwhelming attraction, since its the oldest city in Morocco. Furthermore, its well preserved by the UNESCO World Heritage site.As you wander in the numerous narrow alleys, you will discover that the world’s urban area for the car-free, the old trails of pedestrians.Important to mention, the old town is the home of the oldest university in the world (Quarraouine). Particularly, deep through the maze streets, you will explore hidden treasures in every side alley, from the open air markets, to the artisanal areas, Tanneries, museums, schools, and terrace cafes, Fes is where all the civilizations and cultures melt.

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2- Meknes city, Morocco 5 best cities

Meknes built in the 9th-century, with a very picturesque Spanish Moorish style. The city of of the legend Sultan Moulay Ismaïl, the founder of Alaouite dynasty. It has several historical sites from which, Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, sahrij swani, and Bab Mansour gate.In addition to, Dar Jamai Museum.

Moreover, the old city of Meknes, is a superb place, just like the other Moroccan ancient cities, you will find hand-made products, the real world maze, fortified walls…From Meknes you can visit the elegant set of the Roman ruins called Volubilis, and Moulay Idriss town Morocco’s holly town.

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3- Middle Atlas Mountains cities

The Middle Atlas Mountains is a cool and relaxing spot, and the place of the charming Barbary villages. Just 1 hour away you can have a day excursion from Fes, to discover this amazing region, and get away from the hot weather of Fes. The first small city you can discover is Ifrane, it is built on the french style, and the most famed ski resort.

Before Ifrane, you will find Immouzer the city of apple festivals, and delicious goat cheese.Between Immouzer and Ifrane, a beautiful lake named Dayt Awa. In addition to Azrou that has special way of life, the people are very nomadic and live in caves. Furthermore, near azrou, there is the cedar forest (largest one in Morocco), and Macaque monkeys Forest.

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4- Marrakech City

No journey is complete without  visiting Marrakech one of Morocco 5 best cities with lavish places and intriguing historical monuments.Marrakech will take you an adventure to explore Koutoubia Mosque, Jamaa El Fna, where the bustling activities are performed.You should also stroll in the ancient town to see traditional way of life. Marrakech has some lavish places. such as, Bahia Palace, Majorelle Garden and Saadian Tombs.Be ready to discover this cozy city. 

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5- Merzouga Sahara Desert 

If you think, you discovered the most visited places in Morocco, wait till visit Merzouga the gateway to the desert, that will overwhelm you for an unforgettable night. The overnights usually in the desert camps, coupled with camel treks, delicious dinner,and authentic berber music.

This corner in Morocco is worthing a journey, to immerse yourself in sand … Morocco culture tours will allow you to explore the sounding of the desert, including Kasbahs, valleys, nomadic villages, gorges…

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These Morocco 5 best cities when visiting Morocco.Although, still many stunning places and cities you should explore.