Morocco Excursion Volubilis meknes

Morocco symbolizes a captivating past, that’s why people visit it to get a complete immersion into its rich traditions and cultures Morocco Excursion Volubilis meknes, the most chosen excursion for many people since it starts from Fez (the oldest city in Morocco). It is truly an interesting experience to explore two distinct cities, one of them was used as an administrative station of Roman Africa (Volubilis) and the other  was one of the imperial cities of Morocco.

The Lost Ruins of Volubilis

Volubilis- Roman city and one of the wonderful preserved cities in North Africa. Developed from 40 AD as an administrative center for this particular part of Roman Africa. Covered and built in a huge fertile agricultural zone, it was responsible for grain output and export it to Rome. Nowadays Volubilis is known as “the Roman Ruins”, besides it is listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. Volubilis is situated near Meknes and only one hour and half from Fes, which Excursion from Fez to Volubilis Moulay Idriss Meknes Day trip actually makes it a great itinerary and day excursion for many people , Since Volubilis contains epic and breathtaking historic ruins from floor foundations to triumphal arches, columns, Basilica and striking mosaics. The ancient roman ruins will definitely make an impression on you!

Meknes the imperial city

Meknes is an impressive town, it was once the home of Moroccan sultanate and the capital city of Morocco under the rule of Moulay Ismail (1672–1727). Meknes has a splendid moorish style and lots of monuments to discover. A day excursion from Fes, Excursion from Fes to Volubilis Moulay Idriss Meknes and Chefchaouen, would be perfect to explore the city’s attractions including the magnificent gateway of Bab Mansour which leads into Mulay Ismail’s imperial city. Furthermore, there is the large square of Place el-Hedim facing Bab Mansour, originally this square is used for public executions and royal announcements. Discover the great sahrij lahdim and enjoy this unique day excursion from Fes.