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Excursions from Fez

Fez Middle Atlas day trip

Fez Middle Atlas day trip – Morocco Fez day trips

Berber Middle Atlas day trip, special tours from Fes that offers a great change from the bustle and hassle of the cities.It’s also an occasion to enjoy the cool air,The fabulous views, visit Berber family live in cave for memorable excursion.

Taza Friouato cave day trip

Fez excursion-Taza Friouato cave day trip

Taza Friouato cave day trip, offer a different level of discovery and fun change from the bustle and the hassle of crowded cities, It’s a special excursion from Fez to enjoycool air, superb views, feel like you’re inside mountain at around (300m) underground and more.

Fez Sefrou Bhalil day trip

Fez to Sefrou and Bhalil Day Trip

Day trip from Fez to Sefrou and Bhalil day trip about 30 miles from Fez, offer a fun change from the bustle and the hassle of crowded Morocco cities, to discover waterfalls, caves, cool air and diverse landscapes.

Farm life Excursion

Farm life Excursion From Fez City

Inspiring your stay in Fes Medina- Spend different experience Farm life Excursion from Fez to learn more about farming way of life, and local culture in addition to a great visit women’s goat Frommagerie Cooperatives .

Fes Rabat day trip -Hassan Mausoleum in Rabat_Morocco

Day Trip from Fes to Rabat

Day trip From Fez to Rabat to Check off Morocco capital’s key sights : Mausoleum of Mohammed V, Chellah, Kasbah of the Udayas, Hassan Tower, Old Medina, new town that has wide boulevards, open green spaces and more.

Great Experience start from Morocco Fez day trips :

Your Morocco tours, morocco luxury tours, morocco private tours, will not be complete without Morocco Fez day trips, since Fez is  the spiritual, religious,intellectual and cultural  imperial city of Morocco and has maintained its traditions and magic amid modernization.

Morocco Fez Tours Agency, Offer to Morocco visitors wide Morocco Fez day trips package  such as : Excursion from Fes to Chefchaouen, Excursion From Fez to Volubilis-Mekens-Mouly Idriss, Excursion From Fez to Rabat, Excursion From Fez to Safrou and Bhalil, Excursion From Fez to Taza and  Friouato cave and berber Middel Atals Excursion.

Join Morocco Fez Tours and Morocco Fez day trips, whether you are alone, with family or with small shared group. Don’t waste time and have the opportunity to fully explore of fez surrounded area with historical monument and its marvelous places that are really worthy to see it and discover on Morocco Fez day trips.