Morocco Travelers tips ,for Tours in Morocco, Excursion , Day trips , Desert tours .

Any person needs an amount of knowledge about the place he’s about to visit, and today our Morocco Travelers tips, here are a top list of tips for travelers to Morocco that will make your voyage even easier.

1-Best Time to Travel to Morocco 

The spring season is the best time to visit Morocco, the country is green and lush, the weather is neither cold nor hot. This is the best time of day excursions Chefchaouen day trip-Fes excursion and Sahara Morocco tours Marrakech Fes via Merzouga 3 days 2 nights Desert tour, where the fertile oases, lush orchards, high gorges, Morocco Sahara dunes stand.

This Morocco adventure tours, allow its visitors to explore the Sahara area Fes To Fez Desert and Camel Trekking 1 Night 2 Days , while experiencing desert camp, camel rides, nomadic tours… visit Fez Desert tour 3 days 2 nights – 4*4 Excursion. Also, visiting Morocco in Ramadan time, would be an interesting idea. But, the majority of cafes and restaurants  closed Since people are fasting during the day.

During your visit to Morocco, the best place to spend the night is in traditional riads. Essaouira, Fes, and Marrakech are the cities of the best riads.

2- Other useful tips

In general, morocco is an exotic country, and you may face some culture clash, but here are some tips that will help you to understand the Moroccan culture. The Moroccan people are very modest, try to say “salaam alaykum”, whenever you want to start a discussion. Furthermore, take with you small change, and never carry with you a big amount of money. Small changes are useful in taxis, restaurants and guides. The most important thing is never hire a false guide, instead, go to an official tourist guide.

Getting around is always confusing for travelers, but small taxis and buses are plenty founded everywhere. Also, the bargaining is part of the everyday life in the Moroccan local souks, so, maybe it’s your chance to try the bargaining skills.

Morocco is well known for its delicious mint tea, so don’t get hesitated to drink it if the local people will offer it to you, it is the way to show the Moroccan hospitality. 


These top Morocco Travelers tips that will stay with you for a long time, and enjoy your Morocco holidays.