Are you looking for an enjoyable vacation to spend in Morocco, but you don’t know what is the best time or Morocco Weather. In the first place, Morocco has diverse weathers over the year, and each part of it has its certain and unique climate. Here are the most visited places, and their weather

Morocco Atlas Mountains 

The Moroccan Atlas Mountains are a very popular destination by almost every visitor in Morocco, plus the Moroccan people by themselves. A pretty suitable destination for hikers and picnickers to enjoy their time, relax and try their adventurous journey.You may want to check this day trip that we organize to the Atlas Mountains, Fez to Sefrou and Bhalil Day Trip. Furthermore, there are some amazing small cities in the middle Atlas Mountains, that offer numerous opportunities of enjoying your time. In the first place, Ifrane, known as the Moroccan Switzerland, is a major skiing resort during the winter. Moreover, there is the Cedar forest, just a few kilometers away from Ifrane. The forest provides a cool and refreshing atmosphere. For more information check Middle Atlas mountains day trip – Fez excursion. Moreoever, there is another stunning city that lays in the Atlas Mountains, which is, Chefchaouen the blue city. You will be amazed by the coolness of the place, and for more information visit 

Chefchaouen day trip-Fes excursion. All in all, the weather in these cities is very cool and refreshing during the summer, and beautiful places to visit if you want to escape from heat of the other cities in Morocco. During the winter season, these places offer an experience of life time for snowboarding lovers, especially, in Ifrane.

Morocco Sahara Desert-Morocco Weather

Where else you will find a warm and adventurous place, but the desert, during winter  in Morocco. Planning your next trip to Morocco during the cold season, but you are fed up with cold and you want a warm place to enjoy your vacation, well the desert is the perfect one, Fez Desert tour 3 days 2 nights – 4*4 Excursion. The desert is all the time hot over the year, so you can enjoy your time like you want. In the first place, the desert gives abundant of activities, that you have never experienced before, such as, camel trekking, climbing dunes, sandboarding, excursion in 4*4, and desert camping. You may want to have a look at this amazing trip to the desert, Fes Marrakech via Merzouga sahara trip 5 days 4 nights. Furthermore, you will discover many beautiful gorges and valleys, plus, visiting nomadic berber families, and enjoy your time in a perfect way. Another top trip to the desert which you can discover, Marrakech Desert tour via Merzouga 4 days 3 nights


All in all, whenever you want to visit Morocco all over the year, you don’t have to worry about the  Morocco Weather . because Morocco has warm and cold places at the same time.