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Excursion from Casablanca to Fes with local guide

Spend an enjoyable Casablanca Fes local guide excursion on exploring the oldest city of Morocco; Moreover, indulge your sense in the local vivid marks, and the antique monuments like ﹕ Al-Quarraouine university, Moulay Idriss mausoleum, Chowara tannery, and more to discover in your Fes local guided tours.

1-From Casablanca to Fes

Start tour from Casablanca at 08h30, where driver waiting for you in your hotel/ riad.Then, take the highway or the national road to enjoy the spectacular nature views ﹙optinal﹚.

During the trip, will have the chance to take some memorable pictures, plus passing through the imperial city Meknes and the holy city Moulay Driss. If we have time, we can stop in Volubilis the roman ruins that still stand till the present day. The place is just a peaceful one, which gives you a sense of relaxation and great opportunity for photography lovers to take their souvenirs. Finally, arrive in Fes at 12h00.

2- Casablanca Fes local guide excursion- Exploring the oldest city Fes medina

 Fes local guide will wait for you in the blue Door (Bab Boujloud), the main entrance to the ancient medina. The door has three arches and decorated with the famous blue Moroccan zellij and Meanwhile, it’s lunch time and Bab Boujloud contains a big number of lined restaurants where you can relax and have your delicious Moroccan tajine ﹙own expense﹚.

After lunch, start guided tour in the medieval city of Fes, moving to the heart of the medina. Obviously, you will discover the narrow maze-like alleyways. Stop to see your first monument Al-Quarraouine university, the first university build in the world and; particularly, many scholars were graduated from there. Built neatly, the green tiled roof will just give you a good impression to visit it from the inside.

Next, discover another school Bouanania (a unique vast school that represents the Moroccan heritage with its Arabic calligraphy ornamented on the walls).

Then, move to Moulay Idriss mausoleum to see the local people handling candles putting them around the shrine to show respect. In the same way, continue wandering the narrow streets visiting the artisanal shops and place, like﹕ Chowara tannery   ( a breathtaking place to see the tanning of the leather in all colors). In addition, “Seffarine” where local products are made of copper, along with “Attarine” (the place of the pleasant smell and the exotic herbs).

Finally, drive you back to Casablanca at 17:00 A.M. End of Casablanca Fes local guide excursion.


 Pick up /drop off

 Air-conditioned car

 Professional driver

 Local guide (in Fes)

Not included 


 Fees to historical monuments

*In Casablanca Fes local guide excursion, if you have other destination we can drive you to your special destination.