Where to go in Morocco-Pure MoroccanTravel experience

Geographically close to Europe, Morocco is a touristic country. Due to its rich culture and the diverse zones, from the Atlantic ocean beaches, high peaks, Rif and Atlas Mountains, to the biggest Desert. No matter why you are looking for,MoroccanTravel experience has it all, and can provide you with best experience you’ve ever imagined. Here are the best places you can discover in Morocco﹕

Morocco Sahara Desert

​ If you are looking for an arid and sunny climate, you should, definitely, travel to the southern routes. Discovering the oases in the amid of the desert, beautiful gorges and valleys of  300 M deep, plus 1000 Kasbahs of mud, and still more. You can make your way easily there by taking buses, taxis, or even you can the advice from experts of this field. You can check Marrakech desert tour, which is an excellent tour to the desert. In the first place, it provides  Marrakech Fes via Merzouga 3 days 2 nights Desert tour ​and  Marrakech Marrakech Desert tour 4 days 3 nights, in order to enjoy your time as you want. In other words, if you are looking for more an exceptional adventures in the desert, doing camel treks, climb high dunes, sleep in tents… you can check Fes desert tours, ​which contains top trips to the desert, such as  Fes To Fez Desert and Camel Trekking 1 Night 2 Days, and Fes Marrakech via Merzouga sahara trip 5 days 4 nights.

Morocco Atlas Mountains

​​Looking an extraordinary day excursions, to the Rif and Atlas mountains to free your mind and relax. Morocco has wonderful small cities in the Atlas Mountains like Chefchaouen, the blue pearl of Morocco. You can visit this link for more information, Chefchaouen day trip-Fes excursion. ​furthermore, you may want to discover the biggest Cedar forest in Morocco, and the cities like Immouzer and Ifrane situated in the Alpine Mountains, discovering the berber lifestyle. Check this amazing excursion Middle Atlas mountains day trip – Fez excursionHave you ever imagined how the Moroccan Imperial cities look like, well it’s not a question anymore. Visit the roman ruins Volubilis that still stand in a fertile area. Furthermore, discover Meknes one of the imperial cities in Morocco, plus, Moulay Idriss, the holly city. Excursion from Fez to Volubilis Mouly Idriss Meknes Day trip. These day excursions are an excellent ones for you, if you are willing to explore Morocco.

Fes city- Traditional life

​Morocco is a rich cultural country, and Fes is the oldest city which will excite you enough to explore it. You might be lover of experiencing the traditional life, of culinary art, or discovering artisanal shops, while at the same time having the chance to create your own artisanal products. Furthermore, you will have the chance to experience what the authentic Moroccan Hammam ﹙bath﹚ looks like. A healthy way and spa to relax.In addition, you will welcomed in local houses to discover families way of life. For all these amazing adventure check Fez guided tours. Fes, will give you all of what your looking for, and you should definitely, put it it in your schedule, while visiting Morocco.

Other places you may want to discover while visiting Moroccoand enjoying your MoroccanTravel experience ﹕

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